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An interesting evening. I'm not "into" jazz, in the sense of interest in and knowing much about the mainstream, but I've always found the more progressive stuff interesting. I came across Mark Lockheart via Polar Bear. His own quintet features trumpet, piano, bass, drums, all indecently talented, playing MLs own compositions. It is not a showcase for his tenor (and occassional soprano) playing - the compositions are often quite intense and more about the interplay between the instruments than individual glory. If anything, the piano is featured more than either of the horns.

Even so, there's no doubting the mans playing skills - very controlled but fluent style, no flashy stuff, and reflecting the intensity of his compositions. Very listenable, even Mrs. Dooce agreed; she who's knowledge of jazz extends to Kenny Ball and no further!
Glad you and the Doocette enjoyed the show. Mark does seem to fit into many a varied line up and seems to play for the music's sake rather than for the glory.
It's always good to go to a gig that you wouldn't normally attend as it can open up your ears to the unexpected. We went to a gig of Scottish harp and fiddle music recently and found it so far removed from the White Heather Club Music that was the bane of my ears when I was a lad.
Give it a listen if ever you can Catriona Mckay and Chris Broad.
Beautiful Shetland tunes with a hint of jazz harmony in the harp chords (harpsy chords?)

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