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I received this via a friend, via a friend........just passing on the information.....

Good Afternoon,

I am writing to you with information about the Manchester Single Reed Summer School 2013 and also a new branch of the course that we are hoping to run this year.

For the last 4 years, MSR has provided summer schools for 8-18 year old clarinetists and saxophonists, tutored by some of the countries finest musicians and teachers, with names such as David Campbell, Christopher Swann, Lawrence Gill, Rob Buckland, Mike Hall and Keith Slade.

Over the past few years we have been asked about the possibility of having something similar for adults, and this year we feel we are in position to offer a play day for clarinet and saxophone players aged 18 and over. This day will give instrumentalists the opportunity to play in massed clarinet choirs and saxophone orchestras, take part in masterclasses, make chamber music in smaller groups, learn valuable emergency repair techniques and develop their own playing techniques with classes that cover such things as intonation, breathing, and vibrato, as well as classes to help improve sightreading and effective ways to practice.

At this time we are looking to gauge how many people may be interested in such a day, and are asking whether you may be able to pass this information on to any clarinetists and saxophonists in your orchestra or band and ask them to send us an email or call for a chat on 0161 973 9725 if they are interested.

The day will take place at Stretford Grammar School, in Manchester on 28th July 2013 and the cost will be £25.

Also, if you know of any students who would like to participate in the 4th MSR 3-day Summer school, from 29th-31st July 2013 please also pass this information on. The course is open to any standard, and all students are placed in groups with people at the same level, with a relevant tutor. They will learn skills such as ensemble playing, take part in masterclasses, jazz and composition workshops and develop their playing in technique workshops. As well as this, each day the whole group will come together to play as a large clarinet and saxophone group, giving students the chance to play related instruments, such as baritone sax or e flat clarinet if they wish.

We can also organise host families for students who live too far away to travel each day on the 3 day course, or a list of discounted accommodation for those who would prefer to stay in a hotel.

Our website is , and on there you will find links to our tutors and timetables. Here is also a link to the 3-day course application form

I hope this information is of interest to you and your music making group and it would be wonderful to hear from people that may be interested.

With Regards,
Abi Barnett
Is anyone thinking of attending the adult workshop on the 28th July ?
The day will take place at Stretford Grammar School, in Manchester on 28th July 2013 and the cost will be £25.

Thanks for the info, its good to know what's out there. I've been searching for courses recently and this didn't come up on Google at all.

I do wish all these course organisers would put their heads together though. They often seem to pick the same weeks. I think this falls the same week as Wessex Band, JazzSmart, and the London School of Music Summer Course. I'd go to most of them if they didn't clash.
The day will take place at Stretford Grammar School, in Manchester on 28th July 2013 and the cost will be £25.
Just had an application form sent to me looking forward to the day :thumb:

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