I’ve made this new track with my saxophone and my iPhone 7 Plus. I’ve put lot of work in this.

My tenor sax (Gear4Music sax/Lebayle LRII/Legere Signature) is still played in a mute enclosure system Saxmute ONE - Saxophone which allows me to practice and record at home without issues with my neighbors. My iPhone is mounted on the mute. To improve my recordings, I’ve tried different microphones, started with a Sd system sax clip on, and buyed a few weeks ago a small and compact Tbone Sc400 condenser, which fits nicely in my sax mute. Ultra proximity and mute enclosure has given me some headache to master low end stationary waves. I used internal mic highpass switch and DDMF 6144 eq plugin correction. I also used DDMF NYC compressor and Eos2 reverb on the sax, and used AUM stereo image tool to get a narrower sax sound. DDMF directional EQ is used on instrumental mix to remove some frequencies in the middle to helps sax to fit in the mix.

Whole instrumental is done with my « Blocs Wave Hub », with Audiobus/AUM routing. Drum and percussions are from Blocs Wave iaps, lead is made with Zeeon and Xequence, basses with Gadget Madrid played by iFretless bass midi and processed with DDMF Enveloppe. Saxes section are made with Voice rack fx and Loopy, triggered by Blueboard pedalboard for easier recording. Everything is centralized in Blocs Wave with Link sync between apps. Then export is made to Launchpad and a structure is improvised. Wav file instrumental is imported in AUM for adding sax solo recording. Stereo global recording is finally processed in AUM with Maxima. This is my workflow.

I think this new mic adds something nice, and I’m happy with what I’ve learned with my mixing and production tools, and have improved my whole workflow.

Bandcamp player for maximum audio quality:

Madreeon, by Jean Rochat View:


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Loved your playing didn't understand a word of how you put it together but it didn't make it any less enjoyable great playing
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