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Beginner lowest playable note on a tenor


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According to university of New South Wales' articles, the lowest resonance occurs at 116 Hz, which is A2, yet the lowest note playable is A3. Why?


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NOt quite sire which of their pages you're looking at, but this one has it correctly as Ab2:

in this para:

The frequency equals the wave speed divided by the wavelength, so this longest wave corresponds to the lowest note on the instrument: Ab on a Bb saxophone, Db on an Eb saxophone. (See standard note names, and remember that saxophones are transposing instruments, so that the written low Bb3 is actually Ab2 for a tenor saxophone in Bb, Db3 for an alto in Eb, and Ab3 for a soprano in Bb. Hereafter we refer only to the written pitch.)

I deliberatly chopped the quote there, cos of the last sentence. Remember the Tenor plays an octave and a tone (a ninth) below the written pitch.

And this page shows Ab2 as 103.83Hz, as per Dave's Wikipedia quote, as well as showing the written lowest note (Bb3) as 116.54Hz

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