Lower teeth pain


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After playing for a while, I am experiencing pain in my bottom front teeth when I bite down, this is new, just started happening. I no longer feel bottom lip pain anymore, but all of the sudden my bottom teeth hurt. Anyone know why?
Hi Ethan

You shouldn't be getting any pain. You shouldn't be biting in any way. All the pressure on the mouthpiece should come from your lips.

Do you have a sax teacher? Would be a good idea to discuss with him/her.
I second what Kev says. Pain is a sign something is wrong. Absent a sax teacher, check out Larry Teal's Art of Saxophone Playing. He goes into detail on proper embochure, etc.
My teeth only just started hurting a couple days ago, They have never hurt before, and I haven't changed my embouchure in any way.
So yeah I'll just ask my instructor. I'm pretty sure I'm not biting down either.
Would be worth getting them checked by a dentist as NIck said.

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