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Low Notes!!


I have been having some difficulty with my Hanson MkV111 tenor getting the notes below bottom D and after some tweaks on the keys got a passable result -I had recently changed from the Hanson standard mouthpiece that came with the tenor which was pretty poor [as you would expect] I bought an Otto Link Tonemaster 6 mouthpiece and dropped reed strength down to a Rico Royale 2 and was still a bit unhappy with the notes as they were a bit woolly however after about two weeks it just seemed to come right for me and now I can get the full tone of the bottom notes... obviously the problem was in part setting up the tenor around the gsharp and f keys but mostly due to continually working at my embrouchure to get where I wanted to be. I read a book recently where the author, a noted repairer of saxophones said that sometimes when you have done all you can do with the instrument,you sometimes find a way of compensating and I think this has been the case.


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As both a teacher and repairman I see evidence all the time of players "compensating" for a saxophone with leaks. The most common one in repair is bent keys caused by the player using too much finger pressure to try to get the notes to "speak". This usually makes the sax leak even more.

One of the most common ways of compensating for leaks I have observed as a teacher is "puffing the cheeks" to make the low notes come out. This is not necessarily a bad thing when done deliberately to play with a subtone. When done by a 6th grade beginner it is something different entirely.
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