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Low D Key miles high


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Hi everyone

I've just bought a Selmer Bundy II from eBay for a very low price. It's generally in pretty good nick, but has one oddity. The low D key sits a long way from the tone hole, all round, when the key is depressed. Probably something like 2-3mm all round. I've whipped off the pant guard and had a look and there doesn't seem to be anything to regulate that key. It is all balanced by the lower stack connecting thingy, and it just won't let the pad close. Nothing seems to be bent and there's nothing caught under the foot jamming it open - in fact the felt has fallen off. If the felt was there the problem would be even worse.

Given the vastness of the gap all round, is it likely to be just bent, or am I missing something simple?

Any advice?


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Jon, there are a few possibilities:

1. The D key cup could have been bent upwards.(most likely)

2. The other bottom stack keys could have been bent downwards

3. You could have thicker pads in F#/F/E pads

4. The F# linkage Bar has been bent dowwards.


1. fit a new thicker pad in the D key cup

2 bend the D key down

3. straighten the F#linkage if bent

I am at John Myalls in croydon on Friday from around 1130 pop it in and I'll have a look for you if you want.

Young Col

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Jon, I can't contribute directly to this thread - anyway you have advice from Griff which trumps anything I can say. As it happens it reminds me of a problem I have with the Mauriat: I can't get from top D palm key to high G or back without fouling the Eb palm key. Might just mean a stretching of my palm a bit, or else perhaps a key riser on the D.
But... what really grabbed my attention was your whipping off of the pant guard. Is that like a chastity belt? :shocked: (sorry Mr Thomas, couldn't resist it ).


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Thanks Griff, that's really helpful. I'll bring it in to show you at some point. Unfortunately I can't make it tomorrow - do you know when you'll be there between now and 8 Jan?


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