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Low C Bubbling


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It's always something :)

Have leak light checked my alto, no leaks that I can see - and Low C# and B sound perfect. However, if I play Low C and hold it for more than 1 count, a strange bubbling vibration interferes with the note. I can feel it all the way up to the reed.

It reminds me of when the windows in the back seat of the VW are rolled halfway down and you get that strange air lock vibration.

Is it me? The reed? It there a larger problem?

Should I throw a wine cork inside the bell?

Many thanks :)


I saw the cork solution suggested on "saxquest" via google search. Thought the idea was rubbish - but I suppose I'll have to replace that old cork with a new one now and again?
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Could start getting difficult with the trend towards more screw tops, even for decent wine. Perhaps there should be a Cafe Saxophone cork jar. Had a nice St. Emilion last night to celebrate Mrs YC's birthday. That had a cork which I shall gladly contribute.
Many years ago I needed a dozen or so wine corks for a job I was doing, so I started collecting them in a jar. When the job was finished, I still kept throwing them into the jar, which I emptied into a bag when it was full. It is a daft habit, I know, but I must have a bin-bag full of them by now! At last I can see that they might be useful for something - can I offer them to the Cafe Saxophone cork jar?
Well, stone me, if it didn't work for me too on my TJ Classic tenor.

Strangely, I could only find one cork on the counter. Usually there are quite a few. I do collect wine, well, enough that I can't drink it fast enough anyway.

Thanks for the tip!


Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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