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Low B Flat Issue


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Hi I'm a new member, just wondered if anyone has encountered the problem i have with getting low B Flat, depending on where i depress the bottom spatular key for B Flat, the C sharp pad opens very slightly,:confused:
if i depress right at the bottom of the spatular key Bb is fine, but the center or side towards C sharp i bum the note. It's fine for a slow piece but if you need to hit bottom Bb quickly its a pain.

It's a tricky setup there. Best take it to a technician.
Saxman 80, I would check that the low B and Bb are operating correctly and are not getting snagged on the C# key, also check the titling mech is moving freely. Also check that the C# regulating screw which is attached via an arm from the Low B key hinge is regulated properly - i.e. the screw is adjusted so that the C# remains closed when the low B or Bb spatulas are operated. Dont over regulate or the low B or Bb or both may not close fully.

good luck
Thanks for the advice guys, i've had a good look at the tilting mech and it appears that the pin that slides in the edge shoe binds slightly depending on where the pressure is on the Bb key,if the pressure is near the edge it binds and opens the c sharp, if on the bottom it doesn't. Think i will take it to my local techy in Canterbury.
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