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For Sale Lots of alto mouthpieces

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Selling lots of my mouthpieces. This listing/thread just for alto.

I will do another soon for Tenor.

Rather than do a detailed description of each, Ive kept it brief for most. They are all in good condition and play as they should.

Happy to give more details if any are of interest.

Again,rather than list pictures of each, if interested, just send me a message with an e mail address and I will take some photos for you.

Here is a link to an old thread, when I sold some mouthpieces. You will read positive feedback in there about my sales.
SOLD - tenor & soprano mouthpieces


Meyer 7m £80. Fantastic condition

Otto Link tone edge (ebonite) 5 star £50. As new. SOLD

Selmer s80 D (older version ). £50

Selmer s80 E (older version ). £60

selmer s80 C star. (recent version, with lay written in table) £50 SOLD

Roc Fultone £30

Roc £30

Selmer metal E. £120 fantastic condition. Not the jazz version, which I find too bright.

Selmer metal C. £80

Brilhart ebolin. This the very desireable “ great neck. NY “ version.
So it’s from USA, not made in England ( which aren’t as good . IMHO) !!!
43 k serial, which dates it to the 50s, I believe .
Tip and rails are perfect/as new. Fantastic, boppy type sound, but this is what Maceo Parker plays, so it can go where you want
Needs a new bite play, and there is a crack in shank. I never had this banded, this as it would hide which version it was.I’ve owned it for about 25 years and the crack hasnt worsened in all that time. £100, which I feel allows for the repair work, if felt needed.

Brilhart ebolin special £30

Berg Larsen metal 75/3 ( with original cap and lig ). £80

Yamaha 6c ( lay written in side ) £15

Yamaha 4c ( lay on side ). £15

Yamaha 7c (newest version, number on top ). £20 including original Yamaha cap and lig.

Vito 4c. Vito became Yamaha. This is identical to Yamaha 4c. £15

Metal, gold coloured plating. No name. Lay is 7. Medium bright.
Seems well finished. Tip and rails good. Possibly Far Eastern. £30

I have 12 very old mouthpieces. Conn, buescher etc etc.
They all have large chambers and close lays.
Give that very old style sound, in experienced hands.
But I think they are perfect for early stage/ beginners, being easy to blow and well made.
Way better than those no- name mouthpieces that come with cheap saxes.
Contact me and I will pick one for you depending on your needs. £15 to £30.

Berg Larsen ebonite 95/2 ...vintage. Huge sound £90, including original lig. SOLD

TJJ. 3 initials on top of body...Not sure what this is. I thought perhaps Trevor James, but can’t find anything about it.
Open to input on what brand it may be. Plays great. £30
I agree to the rules
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Ebonite Berg Larsen sold and collected, by someone who doesn’t hang about !!!!

Thanks Aidan, it was nice to meet you and to chat.

This Berg is a bit of a beast, and we did talk about the possibility of buying something a bit closer in lay/easier to play!!!!!

But......... it sounds good.........may be one for the future.

Moderators. Shall I pay as I go, or wait a few days in the hope of selling some more,and do all commission as one payment.


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Hi Brian, I'm looking for a new mouthpiece because my stock Yamaha 4C has a teeth divot in the back of it (sax was secondhand). Looking for something quite loud and bright for jazz/funk. Been playing it for a few years, grade 6 as an idea of experience. Currently using Rico 3 reeds. What would you recommend?



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George, Hi, from an ex Edinburgher.

The only thing I have which may fit the bill is the metal Berg Larsen.
It is a 75/3

The 75 relates to the tip opening. This is medium. About a six in conventional numbering.

The “3” relates to the chamber/ baffle. 3 is the least bright, but would still be brighter than what you are used to, and would get you in the sound/tone area you want. However, some folks don’t get on with the feel of metal in their mouth, so if you haven’t tried that yet, it may be a leap in to the dark.

Like all of us, you will probably be at the start of a mouthpiece journey which will involve many mouthpieces!!!!

It would be much to your advantage not to do too much of it at an early stage. ie get a decent mouthpiece and stick with it. You will get used to it.

Don’t be tempted to buy new, as it may not suit and you are then down financially. Don’t be swayed by all the sales blurb by expensive mouthpiece makers. There is lots of good stuff out there by mass produced folks, for a lot less money.

Vandoren in particular.

There are two of their mouthpieces that I would suggest may be good for you.

They do a range called V16. There is an M and and S version. Go for the S. it is a bit brighter/louder than the M. Great pieces.

Then they do a JAVA mouthpiece. There is also a Jumbo Java. Avoid that one for now. It will probably be too bright for you. Plain old Java is plenty bright and loud enough.

In V16 S, try a 5 or 6

In Java, try an A35

Neither of these are expensive new. about £140, but look out on Ebay and you will find one for half that.

Here are a couple of links re Java, new and 2nd hand.

Happy to sell the Berg if you wanted. It fits the bill. But...........


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Thanks for all that information Brian, I think I will take the Berg Larsen off your hands.

Thanks George.

Moderators. I have agreed to sell this to George and will pay the commission once we complete the deal.

Still lots of lovely alto mouthpieces available !!!!!!!!


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Hi Brian, in your old mouthpiece inventory, do you think you may have something that would suit a Martin (The Martin) alto? Thanks


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Thanks George.

Moderators. I have agreed to sell this to George and will pay the commission once we complete the deal.

Still lots of lovely alto mouthpieces available !!!!!!!!
Has this been paid?

Apologies if I missed it



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Hi Brian, in your old mouthpiece inventory, do you think you may have something that would suit a Martin (The Martin) alto? Thanks

Firstly, congrats on owning such a fantastic sax. I once owned a Martin Magna, which is very similar to yours. One of the few that I’ve regretted selling.

I have a Steve Broadus mouthpiece which is great. I believe he worked with / for Martin at the time of your sax. I can check this, but I think it is in really good condition.

I don’t think these saxes are “ picky” about mouthpieces, so it will depend on which direction you are wanting to go.

The classic combination for your model sax would be a Meyer.
This is exactly the combination used by Art Pepper at the time I feel he sounded best.

Depending on how experienced you are, the ebonite otto link I have may suit. It plays great, with a similar vibe to the Meyer.

Why don’t you write me a private message telling me how long you have played, what mouthpiece you are using now, and what sound you are after.



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Otto Link tone edge ....... now sold
Payment made to yard sale account.

Couple of other sales in hand. I will pay once concluded.

Lots still available !!!!!!


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Do I have ligatures ?????

Oh yes !!!!!!

Probably about 15 or so of those leather versions BG / ROVNER.
Dozens of the old SELMER 2 screw type. ( which I still use )
Some posh ( expensive ones ) ones.
Loads of no name cheapies.
Loads of caps too. Plastic and metal.

What are you looking for?


I need something to fit my lovely Pillinger Brilhart repro white resin piece. I'm using a shim at the moment on my Optimum but on the hunt for a lig that fits, shim-less!

It has quite a pronounced taper, so the lig will need to match that. I haven't tried a BG L13 (rubber insert), Rovner Platinum, Mark Jean MKI, Silverstein or any other expensive brands! I've tried everything else (Rovner, Optimum, Selmer Basic...)

If you have a PPT and a lig that fits that, I'd buy whatever lig that is.

(FYI...Apparently Marc Jean might be making more of his original ligs soon.)



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Ive just googled rovner l13, and yes I think I have one which looks like that, with the rubber insert. I will need to check which version I have, over the weekend.

Your comment about needing a shim suggests that your mouthpiece may be a bit skinnier than normal. Do you know if this is the case?
Do you have another tenor mouthpiece that you can compare it to?
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