Lost Walstein Alto Bronze


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I lost my Walstein Alto on April 13th 2011. I was on the 15.26 train from Taunton in Somerset. I arrived in Paddington around 17.00 got off and stupidly left my horn on the train, by the time I realised I returned to see the train pulling out of the station. It had become the 17.30 back to Taunton via Bristol temple Meads.

Have been through all the lost property channels but to no avail. Also foolishly I never kept a copy of the serial number.

The horn was a Bronze Alto which I bought from Woodwind and Brass when they first came out so its only referred to as a Walstein a they added Bauhaus to the brand name a couple of years later. It was still in good condition and had been much played. It was in the original black zip up fabric covered flight case, which contained 2 much treasured mouthpieces. One was Raiffault opened up by Ed Pillinger with the word 'Ideal' on the body and the other a piece by Phil Tone, with his name on it in large gold letters.


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