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Lost in the post

Tommy Ng

South Yorkshire
I recently ordered a ligature for my tenor from W&B. It was sent out last week by first class but i have yet to receive it. I emailed martin and he confirmed that the item been sent out.

I suspect it is lost in the post, most probably been delievered to somewhere else. This is not uncommon in my area.

Wonder if W&B or myself can claim it back from the post office??



Formerly known as "nachoman"
brighton by the sea
Unfortunately- with the postal strike there are some really severe delays in various areas at the moment (stuff taking a week first class isn't unheard of at current).
As for B&W being able to claim- only after 28 days and only if they have proof of posting (which costs money if you're a small business and would corresponingly raise postage costs)...
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