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Beginner Sax Looking to step up to a tenor


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Helsinki, Finland

So I've been playing on a Startone SAS-75 cheap alto for 7 or so months now, and I've really been liking it. I'm now in the point where I have started to save up some money for buying a tenor with better quality than my alto. The problem is, that buying new is a bit too big of a reach for me with most of the horns, so I'm more interested in buying used. That opens a new problem: I live in Finland, where the used market is extremely narrow based on my research.

I have been mainly looking at three different brands: Trevor James, Jupiter and Yamaha.

TJ has the Classic Horn II which I could get for 975€ new. Jupiters kinda confuse me, and they can be found mostly as used here in Finland. The third option would be maybe a used Yamaha YTS-32, but I've never seen one go under 1000€ here.

So to summarize: what are the pros and cons of each of my options, and are there some other horns that I could start looking at? Thanks!
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