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Accessories Looking for the perfect case to haul my gear around


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You know how gear can accumulate. Suddenly it seems like you need a trunk to carry around everything you need...sax stand, light, sheet music etc. etc...

For the past three or four years I've used a kind of shapeless bag with a shoulder strap. It's got lots of room, but it's ugly and clumsy. Now I've added a Shure wireless mic kit and suddenly I realize I desperately need a good equipment case.

I'd like a rolling case with lots of pockets and room. About the only thing I won't be putting in it is my music stand (and I'll carry my sax separately too). Oh, and I'd prefer that it doesn't look like a suitcase. Ideas, please? Thanks.


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It isn't a rolling case but I use a backpack for a laptop. It's got lots of pockets for bits and pieces (lights, mic cable, music binder, spare mouthpieces and slings, tuner, jazz hat, screwdrivers, reeds) and there are plenty of cases to choose from. It frees up my hands for carrying saxes or I can also sling a sax across my shoulder and carry stands. I suppose I could even help carry some of the drummer's gear, but where would the fun be in doing that ?



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Peli cases are really good - strong, waterproof.... Pretty much unbreakable. Can be had with those special locks that allow the customs guys to go through the contents. Lots of photographers use them because of this. Many different sizes available. However the supplied foam is difficult to cut nicely.

Looks to me as if this guy has found a way of doing this and is offering them for sax use. May be worth contacting him and seeing if he'll do custom cut-outs.

As for the 5yr olds, it's a bit late, but all mine are older (and even more destructive...)

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