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Saxophones Looking for an Selmer alto mark VII

Pete C

Hi All. I'm in the market for a mark VII alto. I currently play a 1927 Beuscher Trutone which has a great sound but I want something with more modern keywork. I'm thinking Selmer mark VII - I would consider a VI but don't really want to pay the silly prices they go for. Would appreciate a heads up if anyone hears of one going. Cheers, Pete


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If you like Selmer Mk VIs but don't want to pay the stupid prices, keep your eyes peeled for a Yanagisawa A6. Ace Mk VI copy. Excellent tone, bit brighter than the Buescher, but much more body that most modern saxes. I've got one, not selling it, though! Got a 1927 Buescher True Tone as well, and I agree about both the tone and the keywork.
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