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Teacher Wanted Looking for alto sax + clarinet teacher (Yorkshire)


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a Yorkshire-based teacher for alto saxophone, and clarinet as well ideally. I'm at an advanced level on clarinet, but have never had a very nice tone so suspect my embouchure needs attention. I've also started learning alto sax now but am very concerned to get the technique right from the start, and not fall into bad habits. So I'd love to find someone who is experienced and specialises in diagnosing and fixing embouchure in particular, and to have some lessons focusing on technique rather than musical expression, passing grades etc.

Hope you can help, thanks,


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There is a guy in Leeds who you might want to consider, although obviously face to face wouldnt be possible for the moment.
His name is Joel Purnell.
He teaches at Leeds college of music. I think he is the main sax tutor.
He would be perfect for your needs.
He has his own website.


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Hi all, thanks for your replies so far! I'm certainly considering online lessons given the situation, however lockdown won't last forever, and I think it may be difficult to see and diagnose embouchure issues over a web call, so at some point (hopefully soon!) I'd want to actually meet up with a teacher. Will definitely look into your suggestions so far though, and any more are welcome!
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