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Looking for alto sax and other woodwind players


I play in a woodwind ensemble that meets once a week on a Wednesday evenings in Hemel Hempstead, Herts. It comprises, at present, four clarinets (one base), alto sax, tenor sax, 2 flutes and the conductor. It's a very low key affair and ages range from 12 to 60+. Most are young but there are a couple of old gits like me (no offence intended to resident OG). First clarinet is off to University next year and we could really do with another alto sax player, baritone or soprano. Any other woodwind instrument will be a useful addition.

Standard varies from around Grade 5 upwards. We play a variety of music, at present we are practising Holst, Glenn Miller and Gershwin amongst others and give a performance every term. This is a good introduction to anyone that wants to get into live performances and sample the pleasures of playing with others. I've only been playing 18 months but others have been playing for years so it is open to all abilities.

If anyone is interested please PM me or reply on the forum.
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