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Look up.

old git

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Just noticed that Pete is seeking donations to support this site.
I'm sure we all value the support and amusement we derive from this bit of the 'net, so cough up you mean whatsits. :rolleyes:

Despite being a poor OAP with Old Git Towers and the CaSLM Practice Hall to support, a fiver is winging its way by snail mail now despite not being able to eat for another week.

Who said, "Well you're fat enough anyway."? :confused:

Young Col

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Coulsdon, London/Surrey
Yes I noticed it as well and will contribute (has it always been there?).

Talking of donations reminded me of a recent news story about reintroducing water voles into the River Wandle. Given your affinity with the Wandle, Bill, I wondered if you are behind this venture to breed and sell them as self-propelled bari loop cleaners (remember the recent thread?). It would help CaSLM funds and a cut would go to charity as usual. No wildlife would be harmed in the process of course.


Rojales, Spain
Did it Sunday and got instant pm. Will check bank statement later though as I have an enormous distrust of financial institutions at the moment, unless the money is going into their own coffers so they can instantly glue it to the floor!

The donations thing could well be in the form of one of those 'church roof' thermometer thingies across the top of the main page, so we can see at a glance how far the boss is below his stated target as the year progresses, maybe to prod us into throwing a bit more dosh at the good causes.

Pete Thomas

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McLean, Virginia
Strange, I made a donation a while back and did not receive a PM. Does this mean that my donation was not received?
Not necessarily, I have only just initiated this donation system integrated with the forum. It seems to have a few bugs as the bar at the top is not showing the donations to date.

However I cannot trace a donation from you.
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