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Long Tones


For the past couple weeks I have been doing long tones every day. I start at the low Bb and go from pianisimo, to triple F, and the back down to pianisimo. Then I go up to B and do the same thing. I do it for every note on the sax up to high F. Anyways, I have noticed that on the higher notes, after I get to my loudest point and start to come down in volume, the tone starts to get thinner and I tend to go a little sharp on the tuner. Is there something I can do to make my sound more consistent throughout the whole time I am playing the note? Thanks for the help!

BTW I have noticed that my sound is getting WAY stronger since I started doing this excersize. I strongly recommend it.


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One thought:

Look at the timing between tightening your lips and support/breath volume. I think you'll ifnd you're dropping the support instead of reducing airflow. Try and compare it to how you do it as you get louder.

Good thing is you're recognising it nd can work on it.

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