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Loka album taster...Ninja Tunes - Autumn 2010


Warsaw, Poland.
Well after over 3 years of work, off and on,:shocked: the new album by my band Loka, is mastered/cover art is nearly complete and is due for release on Ninja Tunes later this year (or I'm thinking more like early next year..)
This track was chosen and remixed to a shorter version for the recently released Ninja Tunes 20th anniversary box set.
It is called "Beauty in Darkness" and features the vocals of Colombian singer Lido Pimienta. It can be found on her Soundcloud page by clicking the link below..
I have to say that it's not to my personal taste, but it has a certain mystery about it. There's a haunting melody running throughout the tune that has an "Ennio Morricone" feel to it. Lido has a lovely voice, somewhat similar to Skye Edwards from Morceeba.
Although like I said it's not to my personal taste, I had to listen to it all the way through and I think I almost enjoyed it.
Its obviously been very professionally put together and I wish you well in the future with it.
Thanks for sharing it
Loved it. To my ear sounded like Tangerine Dream with a brass section and vocals. Perfect music for a Friday evening. My wife loved it too and said it reminded her of the cocteau twins.

El Robo
Really cinematic stuff... like it, and- as has been said above- lovely voice!
Thanks guys, your imput is appreciated. Ennio was a great source of inspiration for us on these sessions as well as Basil Kirchner, Ian Carrs Nucleus and many, many others.
It took a while writing, arranging and then the physical organising of the sessions too complete the album and we are all very proud of the results.
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