Saxophones little cap at the back


linc's (between boston & spalding
hi i have a boosey & hawkes lafleur alto:w00t: i am looking for the thumb rest on the back it's about 16mminternaland about 19mm external
if any one can help ;}or point me in the right direction to buy one:shocked: i have no idea where to go for spare parts:confused:
hi well i tryed them and got an email saying they had checked there stock but they had nothing to help me any one got other ideas please
If you can't find what you want, try making one from Sugru
thanks sunray but it is not quiet what i am looking for, it is a button type thing 16mm internal and about 19mm external
I assume you refer to the left thumb button - in which case Jonf's suggestion of Windcraft is correct... they list this part for several Yamaha models so just a case of finding somthing that fits! Alternatively a friendly turner could make one in metal very quickly on a lathe....
thanks like i said before above i sent windcraft an email and they said they checked there stock and had nothig to fit ,
i checked there stock and found the parts you are talking about and have sent another email with part no.s that look like they may fit with sizes so i will have to see what they say ,
like i say thanks to all who have replied


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