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Listening to the Optics...


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Possibly something for those that now and again enjoy getting away
from the rigors of practicing the saxophone as well as listening to the saxophone.

(No sax on this piece)

I had wanted to finally complete a piece of music based on various idea's of sequence.
Some of it was experimental tid bits from a year or two ago and I finally continued
with it, and to my satisfaction, I completed. It really felt wonderful to write again in this type of element.
I truly missed it!

On my Soundclick link below....
Listening to the Optics
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Mike, you can paint a very graphic picture with sound. The use of rapid panning at 4:20ish grabs the listeners attention( good with headphones).. The title sums the piece up very well. Overall very clever and well written..

Sorry, but it reminded me of our drummer who occasionally plays the optics in whatever pub we're playing in.

That's possibly not what you had in mind.

I rather liked it. I'd just been listening to Messiaen's Chronochromie and an extended version of Riley's Poppy Nogood - both suggested connections. But I suspect quite a lot might, not the least being Zappa.
This is something different, but certainly recognizable as one of Mike's offspring. Lots of Zappa references (a known hero) but so much more. Must admit that I preferred the second half which is very different to the first half. The rock drum kit didn't work for me, but those wonderful changes in instrumentation and rhythm in the second half blew me away. Very creative and it sounds to me like you've grown just within the space of this composition.

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