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Hi All :
I have received an used Otto Link Super Tone Master NY 6* that I bought used. At first I found difficult to find the proper reed to it. I decided to sand the table with a fine sand paper ( # 2.500) and found that the table was uneven, and got three marks in a) the lower portion of the table ... b) the middle of the table ( closer to the window opening) and c) at the the rails , where the facing curve starts...
After that, I found that the mouthpiece was a little more "reed friendly" than before.
So, I made a recording of this month Ballad, Stardust, using my " sanded " mouthpiece...
Here iit is my take :
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I appreciate your comments. ( Sorry, I did not play the improvisation part...I am studying how to do it...when I feel more confident I will start to record that part of the songs...)

My Best wishes
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Well done!

Sad fact of life that these things aren't well made.

For anyone thinking of doing this, you need to be really careful, as it will affect the tip opening, facing curve and possible introduce a twist. Any of which could make the piece play even worse than it did before.

Having said that there are some good videos on youtube on mouthpiece refacing/correction.
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