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Personally I am coming round to realising that it is not reeds, mpc, ligature or number or type of screws that affects tone. I believe the real difference in tonal quality comes from cork grease. I have tried several different types on Mauriat and Trevor James altos, even Buffet clarinet grease. I have yet to form final conclusions; it's work in progress. I am also thinking about trying Castrol LM since it has high melting point characteristics and would clearly be of benefit on hot numbers.

My reasoning for this is based in the nominal philosophical concept of Occam's Razor, which for the few who may be unfamiliar says basically - don't multiply hypothesese without necessity - or put another way, cut the cr*p until you get back to basics. Hence cork grease is of prime importance.

Of course, there is a whole different debate to be had about whether you should grease the ligature screws.

I am fully certified.
YC, interesting observations. Have you tried Hirschtalg? The Germans use it instead of cork grease.


can be ordered through Thomann.

Personally I think that combined with a bound on reed (clarinet style) using an inelastic cord wound tightly, the darker tones are enhanced, with gilssandos becoming a breeze. All in all the instrument is much more responsive, and pleasant to play.
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I got it from Dawkes (they also have them at sax.co.uk and Howarth). I had to send it back as it had arrived flat in a jiffy bag with no protection, for which I received an apology and offer of a replacement. It seemed a positive ligature, much easier to fit, but would like to try an undamaged one.

Kind regards
Hi John,

Profuse aplogies for not getting back to you earlier, but yes I will be around in Feb (will be returning from UK late Jan). I am afraid I mainly play for my own pleasure, but recently started playing with some students and semi pros of mixed ages on a Wednesday evening, attempting to play some jazz charts.

Nearer the time, we can arrange something perhaps, keep in touch.

Regards Rikki
Hi Rikki,

That would be great!

This trip will be a short one, but we plan to make it an annual thing, staying three months at a time. So I will be bringing one of my tenors down. The family live in Sydney and Somersby.

Regards John.
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