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Ligatures Ligature for Bari Esprit II alto?


Leicester, UK
Hi, just bought a Bari Esprit II mouthpiece for alto. I'm really pleased with it (they are amazing value at £15) but I would now like to buy a soft ligature (Rovner or BG type) to fit it. Any suggestions please? I have no idea what size or type to get. Thanks...
If you buy one from you can put in the mouthpiece type and they'll send you the right one. Bari ebonite mouthpieces are listed in their drop-down menu.
This will help with Rovner ligatures: .

Just enter Bari, Alto, and Hard Rubber in the drop down boxes and it will tell you the various Rovner ligs that suit. The Star is one of the best (based on the previous EVO-5, which I use on alto and tenor mouthpieces, with the metal bars touching the reed! - the SS-1RL. £18.99 from inc 2nd class postage.

The Esprit II is a superb alto mouthpiece - glad you like it!
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