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Saxophones Lien Cheng saxophones: any views

Andante cantabile

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I am trying to work out whether the Lien Cheng saxophone is worth considering as a future purchase. The company ( has four tenors (T-601-T604) which seem to be identical apart from their look. I am especially interested in the tenor, but views on other models would be of interest also.

Andante cantabile

Senior Member

I had looked at that thread before posting my query. It starts off in a promising way, but it then changes into a discussion that sometimes has little relevance to the topic. Two owners speak highly of the LC. The Belgian distributor adds some further points. He is evidently persuaded that he is selling something desirable.

The photos look very good, but that usually can be said also of even the cheapest and nastiest products. The case that apparently comes with the LC seems to be in a class of its own. Carrying that case you will look respectable anywhere.

Anyway, I am not counting the LC out. On the contrary, for all I know, it is very good. I am not in a great hurry to get another tenor. But it seems to me that whatever I get ought to be able at least to match the Pro BW about which there is no shortage of good testimonials.


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Yep, and there's someone from OZ posting there. Tend to agree with your thoughts.

I lean towards older instruments. The new stuff doesn't really excite me. Probably cos I can't/don't want to afford it, lol.

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