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Lets be Thankful.


I know Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but there is one holiday tradition that I really like. No it's not ruining a families thanksgiving by forcing them to work so I can save money on gifts that I have to be willing to trample my fellow Americans over. It's not falling asleep to the football game. It's not even the turkey. It's reflecting on what I do have to be thankful for. Most of us are a bit better off then we really take the time to notice, and its a nice idea to reflect on what's good in your life.

I thought it might be cool to share this tradition with my brother and sister saxophonist. I'll start off.

Now you've all heard how I feel about my job, work way way too hard for way too little money, really way too hard. That being said I do have a roof over my head, I can pay the heat, afford two good meals a day, I even have a few luxuries like cable and the interwebs, and with a bit of scrimping I can even afford to pursue an interest, playing the saxophone poorly(I'm getting quite good at it).

As far as my family goes, I don't quite get along with my sis, but I know she takes good care of my niece and nephew so that's something good.

Well that's it for me. Join in if ya like and enjoy the day even if its just a Thursday for you.:thumb:


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I guess I am thankful for much in my life but this week particularly to my sax tutor and dog for keeping me smiling.:)



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Thankful for more things than could be mentioned: but in this context, thankful for the role that music plays in my life - keeping me sane! (well, as sane as possible ... )


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I'm really thankful for a wonderful family, good health, good job and life in general. And a great bunch of people on the forum! But most of all to my Father who introduced me to my wife just over 17 years ago.

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Thankful for my Daughter who keeps me together when it gets really bad...

Thankful that other people considder me a good enough sax player to ask me to play and record with them...


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I'm thankful that I have the ability to make people smile by doing something that, in turn, makes me smile too! I went busking quite early today and caught some of Coventry's commuters. Now, I didn't make much money, but I did see many a smile appear on quite a few of the miserable faces that walked past. Job done!


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I'm thankful for finding music again. Not to get all soppy but it's filled a hole in my soul I didn't realise was there.

So good to have my sax back in my life!


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I often think about how fortunate I am compared to how things have been for me in the past - there've been grim times when I literally haven't known where the next meal's coming from. Now I have a lovely wife, two great kids, a nice house and a good job. Lots to be very thankful for. Even with the inevitable things that happen in middle age I'm philosophical. Teeth falling out, failing eyesight, going deaf? Trivial compared to a happy family. Even the elderly parents gradually falling apart. It's upsetting seeing them get the dread diseases of old age, but until comparatively both my wife and I each had both parents, which was a privilege.


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I`m thankful for the things I have seen and gone through in my life.

Seen most of the jazz greats.Remember the Victory Day bonfires.

Seen planes turn from propellers to jets. Seen railway engines turn from steam then diesel to electric.

Been around when man first went into space. Television from black to colour. Languishing in my Parker Knoll rather stylish subtle shade of green velour recliner (Lazy E Boy.) in my living room before there was an X Factor and the Get me out of here I`m a D list Celebratory.

Sending my manservant down to the village grocery shop with a basket and him coming back with it filled, with everything neatly wrapped in brown paper no plastic. (And him remarking `So wot its ownly fer im` when the cook reprimanded him for forgetting the Pontefract Cakes. (Yes Humphries that`s why we had to let you go' Sorry relatives of said, if you are forum members.)
Seen the birth of the supermarket and sliced bread Ugh. The transposition of Marathon Bars to Snickers.(named after a racehorse.)

The Cinema when you got for 2 shillings and sixpence the best seat in the house, a B movie plus the Pathe News a cartoon then the main feature.
Plus an assortment of Ices and lollies(extra of course) served to you in your seat by an usherette. Oh I forgot the trailers.

Kind memories of Brannans an off licence who dispensed jugs of ale from barrels. (Very popular with those below stairs.) and had sawdust on the floor. (Spittoons removed by order of the Elf and safety boys. Yes they were around even then.)

In the early eighties my Commodore C64. and the crude form of internet when you typed hello in chat and got a hello back 5 days later My screen name was Kobra.

Enough of social history and a very big thankful for the advances in technology, health and the rest which has kept me here and able to write of the past. And living in a world which is a better place although I say this with some reservation. Regards Those were the good old days Ha Ha. N.


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I'm thankful for the God-given ability to play the saxophone like an angel and Frontline Spot On.


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At a young age of 51 i'm thankful that i can still call in anytime to see my Mum & Dad :)
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