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Reeds Legere Synthetic & Studio Cut reeds


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Reeds again (sorry)

Does anyone use Legere Synthetic reeds?

I currently use Rico Plasticover 3 1/2 for Tenor and was thinking of going totally synthetic with Legere.

Any good or are Fibracell better, or should I stick with Plasticovers?
I went through a phase of using Legere and I preferred the Studio cut, which I found a bit brighter. I still use Legere on my bass sax, but that only gets out of its box on rare occasions. I think that Legere are probably the most "cane sounding" synthetic reed I have played.

Of the fully synthetic reeds I think I preferred a good Legere Studio to the others I have tried:
  • Bari - too bright and not very flexible
  • Fibracell - quite good on the right mouthpiece, but a bit buzzy perhaps
  • Hahn - OK but not very flexible
  • Hartmann - quite bright and not flexible enough

For me, the Legere reeds take a bit of blowing to warm up properly and they also don't seem to "speak" quite as quickly as a proper cane reed does.

I had one really great Legere studio reed on tenor, but I split the tip when fumbling around with a reed cap. The replacement reeds were never quite as good.

Back to cane for me, which is frustrating but great when you get a good one. Until it dies and then you have to do it all over again.


I've never tried the studio cut, but I do play the signatures on soprano and tenor. I like them. Good sound, flexibility and dynamics. Just my opinion.
I went from Plasticover to Légère

I'm a fan of Légère Signature... they do what I want: good sound, consistent, good longevity, don't leave a suspicious brown Plasticover residue on clear reed guards

I have a Légère Studio that makes me sound like a duck
I have been using Signatures on all 4 saxes sop - bari. While I can feel and hear a very slight difference with a really well adjusted reed, the simplicity of use and consistency (not perfect but very good) make it a no brainer for me. I have tried others but for me the Signature is best.
Just bought Legere Signature for my alto & tenor in 2 different strengths to check them out. Fingers crossed...
I use legere signature with a tenor and c* soloist. Brighter than the reeds I was using, but not as bright as other out there. I consider it on the brighter side of the spectrum.
I have a fibricell as well, and it plays fine, but is extremely bright and buzzy on all three of my mouthpieces. The brightness can be made up for with a really dark piece, but the buzz never goes away for me.
I find the legere reeds are more consisant than fibricel, and if you get a real bad legere reed there's a chance you can send it back and get a new one.
I've been using Légère Studio Cut tenor reeds exclusively for a couple years now. As others have indicated, they are brighter than the Signatures and remind me of the filed cane reeds I was using before I switched to synthetics.
I just gave my new Premier synthetic Alto reed strength 2 a try. (this is a beginner speaking) In comparison to my Rico's it was Jazzy and bright. I really wished it worked out for me though. I might need to give it more time but I couldn't get the higher octaves to come out.

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