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If you have read any of my past post, you would see that I've had a hard time switching from bass to saxophone this past year due to lip problems and allergic reactions to cane reeds. I finally decided to try synthetics and bought some Plastic Covers first and then I tried Fibracells. I didn't like the sound of either of them and my saxophone teacher really hated the sound because it didn't sound authentic. I came across an article talking about Legere reeds and decided to give them a try. I was blown away by how close they sound to cane reeds! The tone was beautiful and crystal clear, even in the higher register of the horn! I didn't tell my sax teacher, instead I just played for him and he nearly fell out his seat! He was like "Man, all of a sudden you sound really." When I showed him what I was playing on, he couldn't believe it. Long story short...finally I've found a reed and a set-up that allows me to play without my bottom lip swelling up and breaking out! It sounds great and now I can focus on becoming a better horn player! I just wanted to share that cause I'm really excited about being able to play again!
Great News PJ ...

Glad you persisted and overcame the problem mate ... :thumb:

That's a well deserved result ... :clapping:
Great to hear. I've been wondering how you were getting on.
Let's hear it for Deaf, Out of Touch, Saxophone Teachers............................:gathering: :gathering: :gathering: :clapping::thankyou:;}
glad to hear you had a more positive outcome with Legere than I did . . . I play on 2 1/2 reeds (Alexander) so bought a signature 2 1/2 expecting it to be a little softer than the cane but it feels like a Plank - I can hardly blow it.. Having read many posts around Legere it seems that it can still be a bit hit or miss as to exactly how soft/hard they are. I was thinking of doing an exchange but not sure whether to try exchanging for another 2 1/2 in the hope that this is an exceptionally hard example or to try maybe a 2 to see the difference....
I was thinking of doing an exchange but not sure whether to try exchanging for another 2 1/2 in the hope that this is an exceptionally hard example or to try maybe a 2 to see the difference....

I would be inclined to exchange for a softer one, as I had exactly the same problem and the softer one works much better, even though I now use Hahn, the Legere is always in the case as a spare.
Thanks Andy, I will try a 2 and see what happens :) (Sorry for the thread hijack ;} )
I'm a big fan of artificial reeds and have tried all the ones you have mentioned. I really liked the Legere but its performance deteriorated after about 6 months or so (not bad I guess). Have I read somewhere that they improve if kept in the fridge or am I thinking of something else? like yoghurt or frozen peas perhaps. I do find however that the Hahns seem to improve with age - a bit buzzy for the first week or two then just get more and more mellow and to my ear at least, indistinguishable from the natural product, always ready to play consistently -unlike the musician- and needing virtually no maintenance.
I read that Lester Young used a plastic reed in the latter part of his career.
Well done! I am also a great fan of Legere signature reeds, but you have to be aware that they are graded differently to other reeds. I used to use Rico 3's, but the equivalent for me in the Legere was a 2.25!

I have been using the same 2.25 Legere signature tenor reed for at least the last seven months. All I do is when it starts to sound a bit soft I put it in the freezer overnight and its restored to its original playability. So far I have done this 3 times.

I keep some cane reeeds (orange rico, Vandoren java) in my case just in case and also to make a comparison, but I never play them. I am going to get some more Legere reeds, in case I lose/break this one or it eventually gives out.

Regards Rikki
I have Hahn reeds for both my tenor and my alto. I find them free-blowing and pleasant to use, but for some reason my lips tire much sooner than with cane. I can't use them if I have to play all evening, so I use Rico or Vandoren then, with which I feel I could play indefinitely (probably couldn't!).

It's a mystery to me why I tire so much sooner, because I don't feel that I am putting any more effort into using the Hahn reeds.
I'm playing on the softest reed they had...1.75 I think. I wasn't sure what size would work so I tried the lowest and it worked out great. It played well with every mp that I have too!
I've been using legere's for a few months and find the Studio cuts excellent .

They are harder though ,on my tenor 100/2/sms Berg 2.75 legere = 3 1/2 Plasticover , but they soften as they warm. I've taken to pre=soaking them in warm water, seems to work.
I may have to give that a try. I found that the reed needs to warm up a bit before it plays well, but it doesn't take very long to warm up. I'm going to order some more and switch them out every month so that they don't get worn too fast.
I have tried most of the synthetics reeds,played fibracell for about 5 years then moved to hahn and then to Legere signature now I'm playing on Hartmanns fiberreed carbon which sound somewhat like Hahn's but they seem better made and also more expensive but I'm getting on great with them.
For me Legere are good reeds but they play somewhat hard and get harder and duller the more you play them.
i play open mpc's and 2's seemed just about right then they get harder and its a struggle then to make the reed work.
I am not opposed to paying the price if they last.
The fiberreed carbons are brighter than Legere but i don't mind that as the band I'm in i am the only horn player,no need to blend in.I spent years in different bands with horn sections blending in so the freedom now is great.
Summing up i think synthetics have come a long way over recent years and its good to have a choice.

@ Jazzdoh...thanks for that piece of advice. I may have to give fiber reed carbons a blow and see how I like them. I'm pretty satisfied with the Legere at the moment (at the moment being the key phrase here). As I mentioned in the previous post, I plan to switch them out every month so that they don't wear out as fast. I tried them on all my mp's and I really liked the sound and ease of play on my Rico Metallite M5, so I'm pretty content. I'm actually a bass player in a band that's learning the saxophone, so it will be a minute before I feel good enough to play the sax with other musicians, so I can't tell at this point how well I would blend with a horn section...but I'm looking forward to that experience. Thanks again
Ive got a legere that ive used a couple times
Im still deciding on what i prefer
for now im still on the cane but i let my teacher try the legere sig and he got a nice tone out of it.

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