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Left my band


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I have left my band after about four years :crying:. As we play only original stuff and venues are getting harder to find that don't mind 'no covers' our gig list had shrunk to nothing and since our drummer turned up when he felt like it, which was about once every three months, it no longer seemed worth the effort every Wednesday evening. It's a real shame as we had worked up to about twenty five songs and could easily do a two and a half hour set. It's a bit of a wrench as I am no longer 'in a band'.

There's no point to this message, just felt like putting it out there.

One of my favourites:
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Sorry to hear this. But plenty of other bands outt here, so I hope you find a new one soon!
Its always a wrench when you leave a band especially when you have invested so much time and effort,but as Kev said there are a lot of bands "out there"
Besides when it is no longer fun whats the point?
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