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Learning to play Piano...


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How long had your daughter been learning when she recorded that piece? It was very nicely played indeed - she has a sensitive touch.

Yep, I'm at your stage!

Sonny Rollins advice on how to be a better saxophonist (I think it was him) was "Learn the piano..." so we had both better get on with it!

There are some basic boogie-woogie 'how to' lessons on youtube.... I love boogie woogie.... with blues piano it has to be the key to more advanced jazz piano...
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She hadn't really been learning. We had had the piano maybe 4-6 weeks.
She found the score free on the internet, listened to a recording of it and just played it.

I think that once I have taken my grade 8 sax in March I am going to look into having piano lessons and also clarinet lessons.
I'm considering whether to take up teaching saxophone, and I think that having some idea how to play the piano might help!


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I remember you saying your daughter was just starting and how good she was - a natural. I applaud you trying to learn piano - I keep trying but give it up as a bad job really. I can do chords ok and melody ok but putting the two together is impossible for me and I don't have enough patience. Good luck with the exam :)

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