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Steve John B

Inspired by the "Piano on a Budget" thread, I got hold of an old Yamaha DGX200 on ebay a couple of months ago. Since then it has sat unused in the spare room (well it was leaning against the wall at the foot of the stairs for a while but the missus quite reasonably took exception to this).

So now I need to learn how to play the damn thing - can anyone recommend a good website or basic 'teach yourself' book? I only want to pick out a few chords and that to help understand music theory, maybe record some basic 3 chord blues stuff to play along with.



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I got something like that. We always had a piano as a kid but I never bothered much so I just went for the major triads, the sevenths and the flat third and that took care of the left hand and if you know the pentatonics for sax or guitar they are just the same on piano and for what you want that will take care of the right hand. But with all these things knowing where to put your fingers is not the problem. Its getting them there on time, all together, and nice and clean. And remember what Dudley Moore said, the white notes are louder than the black ones, or it may have been the other way around. Good luck,

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If you've got a Mac, free lessons on GarageBand that comes with the computer.

Cannot swear that Jerry Lee Lewis started this way but......................

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Well I highly recommend It's Never Too Late to Play Piano (Tutor book with CD) by Pam Wedgwood. It’s a superb book that has so very easy to follow lessons that take you fromfinding middle C through to playing concert pieces. Apparently it is two years’worth of study but if you have a good understanding of music theory, know yourscales, can read a grand stave then you’ll blast through it. It took me about amonth but I was practicing for quite a few hours a day ;}

I’m absolutely loving the piano and currently playingclassical pieces which are really helping my Jazz and Blues stuff. Also I finda piano is get for composing and figuring out how to really improvisation onany instrument!

Glad I’ve inspired another pianist :D but please pass onmy sincere apologies to your wife for the accumulation of more instruments :)))
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Pam Wedgewood is a good egg. Her hubbie, Dennis, is my trumpet tech -used to play lead cornet with ROH orchestra (Royal Opera House). Alternatively you could try "Jibbidy-F and A-C-E" by Lela Hoover Ward, which I started on quite recently (before switching to"Jazz Piano from Scratch" by Charles Beale!).
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