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leak on my bottom C & B

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Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Hi all, I have air leaks on my bottom B & C of my boosey & Hawkes powertone alto. I took it for a tweak yesterday but it doesn't seem to have done the job, the C# and Bb are much better but now the other two are being absolute sods. Is there an easy way or secret to fixing this myself? It's an inexpensive sax so I'm not too worried about having a go myself but I can't sell it on or lend it to anyone if those bloomin notes don't play! and I don't have a leak light
Just interested to know how these things are sorted and any help is much appreciated


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I live in Exmouth Devon.
Hi Saxgirl,

if it's been for a "tweak" and it doesn't seem to have done the job then it could be that it's just you, or a mouthpiece mismatch or a combination of both.

I have a few questions which might help to try and pin down the problem. Assuming the tweak rectified all leaks.

1. What mouthpiece are you playing on with this Older horn please?
2. Have you tried putting the mouthpiece further onto the instrument?
3. Have you tried a softer reed? if so did it make any difference?


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