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Lead Alto mouthpieces.


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Hi Folks!

The following Alto Sax mouthpieces are for sale. All are in spotless condition and play well, in a lively contemporary fashion - making them ideal for Rock, Funk, Pop & Blues music and able to cut through. All have step baffles and are not for the faint hearted.

1. Vandoren Jumbo Java A55 (0.096"). A well known HR piece which suits softer reeds. It can play loud, but has a softer side. Costs £110 or so new. PRICE: £65.00 inc shipping.

2. Barkley Pop 8 (0.102"). HR, Handmade in Brazil. Great for popular music of various sorts and plays a little softer than the Jumbo Java. Not available in UK. Costs about $260.00 in US (£165). PRICE: £95.00 inc shipping.

3. Saxscape Downtown 0.080". Made in Delrin by Ken Barry in Arizona, US. Not available in UK. Similar to the Barkley tonewise. Costs $225.00 in US. PRICE: £90.00 inc shipping.

Normal HR Alto ligatures all fit the above.

5% donation to Pete's fund for all pieces sold. PM me with any questions.
Kind regards

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