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LCM Popular Music Theory


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Does anyone have experience of taking the LCM Popular Music Theory exams or looking at any of the books ?

I'm curious to know, how this compares to ABRSM theory exams, and what the learning material is like - do the books stand alone and contain exercises (like the ABRSM books) or would you need other material (reading or exercises) to prepare for the exams ?


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Skabertawe, South Wales
I've done up to Grade 3 in these exams, and have all the booklets from Grades 1 - 8. The learning material is clear and straightforward throughout, with past papers available, and they have the same degree of validation and accreditation as ABRSM, but much more suited for jazz, rock, blues, pop etc.

The main topics per Grade include:
1. Scales & keys.
2. Chords.
3. Rhythm notation.
4. Knowledge of popular music.
5. Harmony.
6. Transposition.
7. Sample answers.

No Italian music terms, and does cover natural minor scales, blues scales, pentatonic scales and modes and other relevant material.
I did find that they really complemented my ABRSM Jazz Grades! Fire away if you need any more knowledge!

Kind regards

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