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M/Pieces - Ligs LAW Buzzer - latest buy by an inveterate mouthpiece tart


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Just got a LAW Buzzer 115, second hand from a guy in Germany. What a great mouthpiece! Looks like it would be a real screamer with a big baffle, but it actually has loads of body as well. Beautifully made, too.

I was looking for details of Lawrie Waldron, but can't find any current contacts? Does anyone (Birdman?) know if he's still in business. If he is, the Buzzer comes highly recommended. If not, keep your eyes peeled for a great second hand buy.


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I have heard that Lawrie has stopped making and refacing mouthpieces because he got disillusioned by awkward customers messing him about. He is such a very nice and helpful chap that he would work and re-work a mouthpiece and send it back time and again to customers without charging extra money.

I had some lovely 'phone conversations with Lawrie and not only have five of his superb tenor mouthpieces but also entrusted him with refacing two of my very favourite pieces and some others too. The Buzzer is one of them, as is also his one-off piece that he made for Snake Davis.

If he really has permanently stopped mouthpiece work then we have lost a real master craftsman.



Yes sadly Lawrie has stopped production of the LAW mouthpieces, but he may still be taking on reface work.I still have my Buzzer as does Lee Goodall and Mornington Lockett.In fact Mornington has recorded a youtube clip playing a Law alto piece it is the one i sent him that Steve Neff originally tested.
Lawrie is a craftsman and a lovely bloke
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