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landscape with pink trees


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Hi Wade, you seem to have a very much more relaxed feel to this version, very melodic lines, very little tension in the harmony between you and the guitar..sounds good..



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I always loved pink trees.
You seem more note oriented in this piece. Less laid back.
I guess the vision of pink growth stimulates you?

Way too short a piece!
Come on, we're talking Pink trees here!

Nice melodic continuity!

The other link doesn't work...

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
Thanks for the comments.

The work the two of you do together is similar in that Chris controls the structure, chord framework, length, and to some extent feel. What we do is a single take that's recorded during a practice/get together so I have little/no control over what the guitarist does and just try to add melody and bring out what's possible within that framework (as Mike is doing). Probably not accurate to call what we do practice since we never play anything twice during a session, especially if we didn't like it the first time. Ha! We do have set pieces we do for gigs (none posted) and will run through these (practice) occasionally with our drummer. The sessions between just guitar and sax are mostly impromptu explorations. In this case we are re-examining a theme that was played in the past, but with an entirely different feel. I guess it sits somewhere between the enormous gap of standards and free jazz, but much closer to the latter.


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I love the tone your guitarist gets. I would love to have that tone if I ever get myself
an electric hollow body, which is what I assume he has, but also add a rough edge to it for contrast.

Nice to hear you on tenor. Elegant patterns and it's an expressive one-two combo.
There's nothing like playing original music because you own the concept.

It's very important what you guys do!

Gotta nutha' one up Wade.......Broken Glass....I guess I'm getting in as much as I could if indeed I may have serious issues with my hearing. Chris and I want to get a CD together once we get some more tunes up...And this would be such a nice package to reflect on.

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