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Saxophones Lacquer vs Plating.


I am hunting through saxes while I save up money for the day when I might be able to afford a more professional model and I have a question for the players who have had their sax for a while. Which tends to hold up better in the long run, lacquer or a plated finish. I may buy a sax after this next one, but I want the next one I buy (given that I do my part) to last for a long time.

I have read Stephen Howard's book and it looks like they both require similar upkeep processes, plating probably costing a bit more. To me plating sounds like it might hold up to the scratches and dings you will get over time a bit better before a repair service might be required to restore it(which also is probably more expensive). Maybe I am wrong on that so I thought I would ask here.


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Plating. As long as it's done properly and you clean witha non-abrasive cleaner. But many silver plated saxes are laquered on top of that.


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My tenor is silver plated,no lacquer.Starting to age great.Getting dull and scruffy,the way i likes it.If you like gleaming horns just give them a soft cloth rub after your session.I dont say mine never get cleaned.


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I have a 60's keilwerth toneking stencil (by Amati though a Keilwerth body) which is nickel plated and the inside of the bell is gold plated..

I've had it for about 2 years now, and it still looks the same as I bought it and if you look at it you'd think it`s a 10 year old sax!

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IMO Silver looks worse quicker. Non issue, though, unless you play the horn with your eyes ;).
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