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La Monte Superior alto sax


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
One of the vintage saxes in my collection. A 'La Monte superior' alto sax. I believe La Monte saxes were made by Orsi and the superior models were manufactured by the Dutch company Schenkalaars and these were a more professional line model. Sax plays ok, it's vintage so shows signs of age and use but after a once over and minor adjustment it should be a belter! Therefore for this vintage piece I'm asking £230 and 5% to the charity. PM for photos or info

or can consider a swap for a soprano :) as I don'y have one atm. The alto comes in a Berekely hard case but unfortunately it's pink & glittery (not my ideal choice!)
The La monte is still for sale. I'll be taking it along to my band rehearsil tonight to give it a blast. I was incorrect about it being Dutch. It is infact Italian and made by Orsi. Should be a good little alto!
La Monte alto sold to Pauline. Will donate to the fund once purchase is fully completed & I know everything's good with the sale :)
Read Pauline's CaSLM status or is that what is worrying you?
I cannot speak for saxgirl22 but it is a good idea to wait a few days after the object has been received from the buyer before doing the donation because there might be some problem and the person who bought the item might want to return it.

If the donation would be done before that then the seller would have lost the donation on top of a sale that wasn’t completed.

Again, I don’t know if this is the case with Saxgirl22 but that seem s to be reasonable and has got nothing to do with trusting or not the person who buys.
It was a joke as Pauline and I hope, sax girl realises. Probably a bit of Brit dry humour.
sorry, didn’t get the joke :) , nevertheless, my point still stands
It was a joke and I trust that Saxxygirl22 saw it that way.

At the same time, what Milandro has said is quite right.

However, just to be clear, if I bought anything in the yard sale that needed returning and the donation had already been given, I personally, would not expect the donation amount to be refunded to me as well.

I would be more than happy to accept that loss.

I must stress that this is my personal principle and doesn't have to be that of anyone else's.
Should be saxgirl22 not saxxygirl22

sorry! :blush:
Hi All, gosh I missed alot today! Just read all the posts - my only reason is the same as Milandro states that I always like to make sure people are happy with what they have purchased. It's just sensible and fair all round! :) cafe saxophone is a nice community to buy & sell as we're all like minded people and I like the donation idea as it means that other people are benefiting from music too. I did laugh tho when I read this and took it all as a bit of good, dry humour :)
La Monte alto sold to Pauline. Will donate to the fund once purchase is fully completed & I know everything's good with the sale :)
I have recently purchased a La Monte Superuior made in Holland. I am in the middle of a repad.
I am interested in Pauline's opinion of her new La Monte. What year is yours?

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