Smooth & Fusion Kirk Whalum Lesson


Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
Man this is such good philosophy, and the circular breathing is amazing too, definately worth watching.

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38 years.......... only 33 to go!! :w00t: :))):)))
Fantastic thanks for posting, and just as I thought I was getting better ha ha ha!
There you go, 'something to work on when you've nothing else to do'!

Taz, I've heard that the first 37 years are the hardest.
But blimey
My goodness

I just wish I understood one tenth of that never mind actually doing it:w00t:
Thanks for this posting Flipper, but you have me in a quandary now after listening to your post iv'e checked out Kirk Whalum and he is brilliant, but now i'm thinking i should get a tenor !!!

very good
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Hey Trimmy, Im glad you liked the Kirk Whalum post, as for switching to Tenor, I did not very long ago and hardly touch the Alto now. The tenor is far easier to blow, it just takes a little more diaphram volume to get the low notes out and looser lips :). Maybe if you know someone who has one they may let you give it a try.


Hmmm how difficult would it be to learn both ? I do love playing alto, but also love the sound of tenor, maybe it's better to learn to walk before i can run as the saying goes.
I bought an alto a year after getting the tenor. It's not too difficult, and I believe it makes you less fussy about reeds and so on. You learn to control your embouchure more by playing both.

I've found it harder to get a good tone on the alto, but probably because I don't play it as often.
Hmmm how difficult would it be to learn both ? I do love playing alto, but also love the sound of tenor

..but which is better? There's only one way to find out...


(That's a Harry Hill reference, for those of you unfortunate enough to have not seen him).

I'm currently learning both. Mostly concentrating on tenor, as that's what I play on the band I'm in, but try to do two or three days a week on alto. I find the transition from alto to tenor much easier than the other way round, as my alto set up gives my chops more of a work-out (tighter embouchure). I struggle a bit when I start back on the alto, but still love it for it's "perkiness". Wouldn't want to give up on either, but I suppose it's partly a question of how much time you've got (usually 1-2hrs a day for me).
Kirk Whalum is one of my favourite tenor players, his sound is so meaningful and soulful it gives me goosebumps. Found this lesson on Youtube a while ago, and it made me realise one thing...I've a lot or practice in front of me to even get anywhere near to be able to do what he is talking about :) One day my idea is if I get good enough on tenor I'd love to play Alto too.
Hi filpp

Good find that you tube....the most amazing thing for me is that he is doing that without reading's all ears and feeling , he really knows what he's doing , yes 37 years and allot of talent and the right brain set, and determination is what it takes , but as he says always keep pushing yourself to improve....I really get a sense of how much fun practising seems to be for him!

Thanks for posting.

Just to join in on the Alto/Tenor debate, I love Alto and Soprano, I've tried tenors, for me they feel to heavy, hard to blow and cumbersome, but yeah I love the sound, I don't think its lack of wind capacity, though I haven't spent any time on them, just trying them out in a Shop, even top line one's did nothing for me!
Recieved my 1st Kirk Whalum cd today "the best of" great tunes my fave at the min is The Promise, listenening as i catch up on the forum :)
Recieved my 1st Kirk Whalum cd today "the best of" great tunes my fave at the min is The Promise, listenening as i catch up on the forum :)

The Promise is a very moving tune I think, you should also try the "In This Life" CD - really soulful playing it that too. A favorites album is a good place to start :)
I'm going to see the man live tommorow night :happydance: can't wait, he's playing in a small theatre (400 seater) so it will be an intimate performance, he will be with soul/gospel singer John Stoddart.
I only seen the flyer last week and thought the tickets would be sold out, so was very very pleased to get 2 tickets
Very much looking forward to it :)
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:mad: You lucky lucky....
Very very :D

A few pics(not taken by me)
Kirk Whalum 3.jpgKirk Whalum 2.jpgKirk Whalum.jpg
I do have a pic of myself with KW signing a cd (sad i know)
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