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King Silver Sonic alto - Interesting eBay sale


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No doubt the link will go dead at some point so for an explanation.
This is an eBay auction for King Silversonic alto that is much closer to the Holygrail than many others for sale touted as such that do not sell.
Well the bidding on the closest thing I have seen has got to just under £6500 with 2 days to go. Starting price was £82 so many bids have gone in
308xxx serial number (1950 series 2). The condition of the lacquer still has the majority of the overcoat lacquer on the sterling silver bell, gold inlays on engraving and full pearls, original case also in good condition.
The interest is high in a market where the majority of vintage horns are having a rough time stumbling along. That shows how hype about many saxes for sale (that are run of the mill typical examples and nothing more) falls on deaf ears and truly exceptional horns speak for themselves. I personally enjoy that fact as a division but not so much the high price the great ones achieve because I don't have the funds :(.
It could still go for less than the ridiculous price that a run of the mill series 4 example is for sale for in a UK vintage horn shop on line.

I dithered over a mint Cleveland full pearls Silversonic ten years ago. Seller (on obscure hot rod site) wanted £1,250.

It was nabbed by that dodgy chap on eBay before I came to my senses (well, it was a little pricey, eh?).

I'd maybe go to £2,500 for one nowadays without much of a thought.
It does look quite nice, but in my opinion, that's far more than even a nice sax is worth. I'd also seriously have to think twice about an item for £12k from a seller with a feedback score of two, who doesn't provide returns and who will ship within THIRTY BUSINESS DAYS of payment. He says buy with confidence. Hmm.
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