PPT mouthpieces

R & B, Blues, Soul King Curtis

That's the problem. Too many notes. Like my man President Young said, it's what you leave out as much as what you put in, you dig?:mrcool

I'll have to accept the "old" after my bus pass approaching birthday, but I'll leave the "king" bit to Messrs Curtis and Cole and Their Royal Highnesses Oliver and Bolden.
Oh Yeah!!!
As the Avant Garde movement tore down every wall of the old establishment, only one rule that had stood from the very inception of jazz remained: no accordions.
~ Genius Guide to Jazz, May 2001

You are wrong there, Alan. There are some great jazz piano accordion players and I've even be known to play blues and 'Take the 'A' train' on my melodeon. Succeeded in annoying my Morris side. ;}

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