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SOLD King Alto Sax for sale


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Northamptonshire UK
I have this lovely King Alto sax for sale, photo added but more details on my website.

I am looking for a mere £275 plus postage at cost to include 5% to Petes charity to cafe members. Payment preferred via bank transfer due to the paypal fees, I am honestly not making a bean out of the sale.

This was serviced recently by Ray Colomb, it actually owes me more but I would like to move it on so I can put another in it's place. Plays fine with no issues, Non standard case but good enough for shipping purposes.

mmmmmmm....!!!! ....heart rate just gone up, started salivating... must resist... step away from the keyboard and go and lie down...
If anyone does wish for it, I would obviously allow 7 days to try it out, if you don't want it, just return it - how you found it of course. but no problem. Plus if you did find any problem which related to playability, you can just send it to Ray, and he shall rectify it. Ray serviced it around 2-3 months ago and if I can play it with no issues, then anyone can. Copy of the Bill included in the sale.

Whilst I am on the subject, if anyone from the cafe buys any instrument off my website- I shall of course make regular+ donation to Pete's charity.
PPS. That donation is only for my personal instruments, not on those I sell on behalf of customers.
Piglets! ok,, £250, final deal:(, Plus Postage. I shall keep it open for One week else I shall keep as a wall hanger, I have the paperwork and am making a loss, it's a good deal, serviced & playing!!! "shaking head icon" It's cheaper than an Artemis or locto for crying out loud and ten times better!
250 quid... oh for heaven's sake, stop tormenting me.... what can I sell?? I must have some spare body parts I'm not using... curse the gas and electric bills...

won't someone buy this thing and put me out of my torment?? :mad:
I'd have it, except I've already got one! 1920's model with silver plate, fantastic horn. Someone snap this up please!
I agree. These early, 1920's "KING" model horns are very under rated. I think that they are better than many of the more coveted horns from that era, but for far less money.
Especially the post 1925 examples like this 1927 horn. H. N. White made a number of improvements on the later, pre Voll True KINGS around 1924/1925.
If I had the money.... This is a bargin for someone.

Mel if it's not sold by end of April, I'll be happy to give it a good home.
Thank you for the update

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