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As some of you may remember i posted a thread concerning the fact that i had been offered the chance to buy the afore mentioned alto,and i promised that if i ended up buying it i would "report back" well here goes.
I purchased it about two months ago, having just about given up on it, the guy i bought it from,was an old jazzer who has developed arthritis in his hands, but the Alto held fond memories for him, so i didn't push him, i figured if he decided to sell it i would buy, if not then fine.
after several months he contacted me to ask if i was still interested, i handed over two hundred pounds,and the deal was done.
He had originally said that he would throw in a couple of Otto links and a dukof mouthpiece,but he said due to his health problems, he had to sell them, which i cant say i blame him for, but he said he had put three spare mouthpieces in the case , these turned out to be a white Brilhart Tonalin 4*, a Meyer 4m metal mouthpiece with an attractive fluted design and a slide on lig and a white Dearman super.
so i think for two hundred notes i aint done bad!
playing wise, i have been very pleasantly surprised, i have used it on both rock and jazz gigs and its not half bad, ok, its not a mark six but for a cheapy it handles the job pretty respectably
the ergonomics are reasonable and after giving it a bit of a polish and oiling, its got a good responsive action.
so now my Cigar Cutter can have a well earned rest,
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Sounds like you've done well. Those mouthpieces alone would cover the price...

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