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Hi i have been offered one of these along with a couple of Otto link mouthpieces and a Bobby Dukoff mouthpiece, does anyone know anything about these horns?
i have trawled the net but found very little
Are you sure on the spelling, or is it Meyer? This is the normal German spelling, pronounced Mayer...

There's quite a lot comes up under Karl Meyer on Google. Apparantly some of the Selmer Preludes came from them. My guess would be it's an Amatii stencil, if it's older, possibly East German. And Chinese if not. However I don't think it's a recognised German maker. Certainly the main German site, doesn't list them as a maker.

This subject to correction: I think I've seen a couple for sale on ebay germany, and I think they were chinese stuff.

Pics would help the experts a lot. As may a serial number/makers marks.
There was one one Ebay recently

Is it like that one?
Karl Meyer


I had a Karl Meyer Tenor from the mid 50's (I Think) It was supposed to be a Selmer Pennsylvania stencil. The bell pads where one on each side. It was a lovely dark brown lacquer and had the left pinky keys in a row rather than the Bb below.

It had a lovely tone and the ergonomics were very good, and if I were you I would seriously consider it if the price is right.

Very under rated sax.

Hi little plum I think it is worth a punt particularly as the guy only wants £150 for it and i'm betting that the mouthpieces are probably worth around that, also i would like to try it out with a view to using it as a backup to my regular horn (Selmer Cigar Cutter)
For that money, if you decide not to go for it, send him my way
A bit more histoy here:

Seems that Karl Meyer was a Selmer student brand.

There are references in other places suggesting that Karl Meyer saxes were German. But I'm not sure whether there's any substance to these stories, or if it's an assumption based on the name (Like people assume that Mauiats are French made...)
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This link has some details and old prices if you dig deep.

Thanks Clivey.
really interesting to see all this stuff (wish i had a time machine)
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many thanks Kev.
i think i will go for it obviously depending on condition and playability
ill let you know how i get on
regards zoot
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