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Saxophones just recieved my new jericho j6 :)


the delivery man just dropped off my spanking new jericho alto, :) seems to be built very well considering the price although i would say i would prefer the keys to be a little lighter but they are still fine,im a noob and just came back to playing/learning the sax so have limited experience but i put it together with the mouthpiece that came with it and played the c major scale,it was softer and more melow than i was expecting and to be honest i didnt really like the sound so took the standered mouthpiece off and put on my new bari esprit 2 mouthpiece with a new vandoran number 2.

wow what a difference it made,now the sax was loud,clear and vibrant :) i think i should maybe change to a softer make of reed though as i find im fighting this one a tad,ive been away from the sax or a year and had under 3 months playing before.

my tone is NO WHERE near as nice as it was before lol and it seems i have to start right back at the begining again but i dont mind as i just love playing :) also ive found im running out of puff easier than before but i guess that will all come back the more i practice.

overall im WELL HAPPY with my new horn :) it is much better than i was expecting and can see it lasting me a looooooong time :)
Enjoy. What a thing to behold is a brand new saxophone. Stick with the 2 for an hour or two, They give a little and soften up after playing. Soak it before playing, that will help. I'm not sure if a French cut reed suits the bari. If you don't get on with the french cut Vandoren blue try an American cut Rico orange box. You can get packs of three untill you settle on one.
A good time to check the reeds resistance is when you first start playing on each and every day. You will probably find that the reed you now find a bit hard will be a bit softer tomorrow. I woldnt worry too much about the make at the moment, plenty of time to experiment when you get comfortable with what you have at the moment.
Enjoy your new friend.
You'll love it. I have the same one and they're fine instruments :thumb:
thanks people,just had 1hr practice and by half way through was no longer fighting the reed :) it DID soften a little,ive found my touning is now TERRIBLE lol but i can still sound quite nice when sluring the notes :)

it feels soooooooo good to have a sax again,i played the major c scale and major pentatonic in c to my bro over skype who is a VERY good guitarist with an excellent ear and he said i sounded nice for the most part,i even done some ok improv using these 2 scales :) also done some major arpeggio too which felt awesome lol

its GREAT to be back :)
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Enjoy and good luck! Good saxophones! Nearly bought one myself a couple of years ago and I wish I had now! Would have advanced quicker and cost me less money!
Enjoy and good luck! Good saxophones! Nearly bought one myself a couple of years ago and I wish I had now! Would have advanced quicker and cost me less money!'d have still bought your flock of Martins, etc. Don't fool yourself!

Luke, which finish did you buy... the gold lacquer? Nice tone. I preferred it infinitely to the YAS-275 I had at the same time I tested a matt gold J6.
yes david,got the gold lacquer version mainly because it gave me enough cash left over to buy a bari esprit mouthpiece and a few reeds :)
few pics :) hope they work
sax 3.jpg

sax 2.jpg sax 1.jpg

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