"Just Friends"

nice 1, i caught ya sneaking it in here :)))

nice swinging arrangement (can i steal a copy?), not as easy as it seems even for more advanced players but you gave it a good go and kept the flow going and your tone is getting clearer and more defined as your own.
Ian I just sent you a copy. This was a fun track to try and play, I'll go post it where it belongs later on. Thanks for the comments..

I started to learn this tune myself after someone posted a beautiful version of Chet Baker & Stan Getz in another thread....
I just fell in love with Chet's interpretation... ;}
I keep asking myself how I did not know this tune before....?:confused:
Well, I am glad that now I know!
Would it be too much asking for the backing track...?
I have the irealb version... but this is also cool...

and some unknown guy, never heard of him, ;} called "Charlie Parker", whoever he is, made it quite famous too with strings!
and some unknown guy, never heard of him, ;} called "Charlie Parker", whoever he is, made it quite famous too with strings!
That's the only version I had heard up until recently.
I agree that Chet Baker's interpretation is fantastic.
I've been listening to his album Chet with Pepper Adams a lot lately.
One of the few trumpet players I can listen to regularly, along with Donald Byrd.
You sounded good Chris.
Can I ask what key you played this in?
Nice one Chris, but why not play the Melody up the octave, and mix up the registers with the impro. I think it would have had more Desmond on Tenor sort of vibe.
Hi Jim, thanks for the idea, I'll give it a try later on and see what happens..

Nice take. Really liked the 'laid back' feel, it all flowed well. The backing called for it, I guess. As I think it's the first time I listen to you, I must say I quite like the round tone as well.
I'm gonna try and work on that one today (if my landlords leave me alone with the "mowing the lawn" thing).
Thanks for the comments 'Chilli', you will be more than welcome to join us in the 'Ballad of the Month Thread' (BOTM).

Yea your swinging there Chris.Nice to hear you in faster tempo thing.It really suits your very smooth thick tenor sound/style.Your the forum Getz dude for sure.
Nice Chris, I like this tune very much and as I have the lead sheet in the Real Book, you have inspired me to have a bash at it.
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