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Hey! I'm new to the forum, and I've been playing T-Sax for 6 years, and just bought a Phil Barone Classic Tenor and a Phil Barone Vintage 6* mouthpiece. Im in 11th grade, and My band teacher says I sound much better with the new sax, and I agree partially. Its much easier to play high notes, but I still have to play relatively loud to get the low notes out. The real issue is that when I play a mid-level D, like , all 6 and the octave, it often squeeks unless I play pretty loud.

Could it be the new mouthpiece since I'm not used to it? Could it be the reeds? Thanks guys!

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I agree with Jim. Try experimenting with the equipment you have available. You might find if your new mouthpiece has a larger tip opening than your previous one, then a softer reed may be the solution. The thing with the sax there is a lot of variables to consider - mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures, etc.

Good luck and happy honkin' - hopefully without the squeak...

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If just the D squeaks, it may be that the neck octave key is opening slightly. Check to see that there is about 1/16" (1.5mm) clearance between the post that sticks up and the neck ring. Finger low G and hit the octave key hard several times and watch to see if the neck key bounces. If it does, it is out of adjustment. When you go from a lower note to D2 make sure that the 3rd finger of the left hand isn't late.

If you want to be sure it is the saxophone and not you, play on the neck and mouthpiece apart from the saxophone. If it still squeaks, it is mouthpiece or embouchure related. If the new mouthpiece has thinner side rails than the one you are used to, it will require more embouchure control. As Greg indicated, If it has a wider tip opening, you may have to go to a softer reed as well.

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