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Saxophones Just bought a £30 Russian Tenor!


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Must be worth a punt for £30, even if only to sell on to Saxdiva if it's a pile of rubbish...

It plays!!!



Anyone ever heard of them? Seller said he was in St.Petersburg on a boat in the mid-90's when the captain came in with a load of instruments he'd bought, ex St.Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Off went my seller and bought this sax.

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Must be worth a punt for £30, even if only to sell on to Saxdiva if it's a pile of rubbish


thank you (I think......., :))

Thanks to Jonf I will be picking up my dismembering project on Sunday. I'm sure you'll find someone looking for similar though so I'm sure you'll get your money back. Can't lose at £30.
I'd be interested to know if it has a serial number, and particularly if it could be compared to the number on a similar sax. I don't suppose that's possible. The Russians seem to be a bit cavalier about such things. In my teaching days (not music) I bought a batch of Russian microscopes for the science dept; they were well priced and reasonable quality, but all 12 had identical serial numbers. Not much chance of getting an accurate date of manufacture.
Still, if the sax plays well it must be an ultra bargain at that price.
The seller bought it from the orchestra's "surplus shop". I guess they replace their instruments after a while.

He also bought a french horn from the shop, same plaque on it, which he may still have in the loft. I've asked him what he wants for it but he's no idea and neither have I.

He's going to send some more photos of the sax (and the horn maybe) as my courier isn't collecting until Monday.

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