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Just another "Stephen Howard is Great" thread!!


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Costa Blanca, Spain
I had Steve service my alto on Tuesday, at WW&B.

Having never met him previously I found I had a completely inaccurate mental picture of his appearance, although not of his friendly, chatty enthusiasm!
(He says he's used to it! And he cultivates an 'unobtrusively scruffy' look for his tool-box, which contains very valuable bits!)

Of course he did a thorough, professional job and said what a nice sax it is....I bet he says that to all the girls!
It was interesting to hear it blown by another competent player, apart from my teacher, and to compare it with the new BW alto, which has an even smaller bell (mine is smaller than the standard silver-plate model).

The new one is very nice, a bit brighter than mine and with a more 'focused' sound than the 'big bell' model.

Many thanks to Steve and Martin .....even though I was the tea-boy ;}

The BW now feels like a freshly-serviced car, a bit more taut and responsive, very evenly-balanced and able to 'go hard' or gently as required.
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